• 6 hours – $475
  • 8 hours – $550

Rates are for 1-2 anglers, add $50.00 for a third, max three anglers/ boat.

Deposit required:
When you book a date(s) a $100 deposit is required for each day. Cancellations are required 14 days prior to your trip in order to try and fill your date with alternate clients. If we are able to fill your date with others, your deposit will be refunded, however, if we are unable to fill your date the deposit will be forfeited. Please be advised that we will do our utmost to fill your date and be able to return your deposit.

Inclement weather:
In case of inclement weather, we’ll rebook or I’ll refund your deposit. I consider inclement weather a situation that’s either dangerous — lightening storms, for example — or so uncomfortable as to make the fishing no fun for anyone, like steady heavy rain and a cold north wind. I don’t want to be out in the really bad stuff any more than you do, but sometimes, the best fishing is on days when under other circumstances you’d stay in bed. We’ll make a judgment call on the scheduled day to determine if we’re going to fish or stay home.  We never cancel a trip due  to a weather forecast the night before.

Start time:
We can start at any time you like; however, fishing is best early in the morning, so I generally like to be on the water before the sun comes up.

It’s better to be sleep-deprived than fish-deprived.

e-mail: capt.barry@barryclemson.com

cell: 1-603-534-0411